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Market FAQ’s – Your Questions Answered

Q1. Is the Market really that good?

Yes it is! We have not seen conditions this good for Sellers in over a decade.  More broadly, the majority of the country is seeing positive market conditions at the same time, which a lot of commentators about the property market are saying is a first. From a Buyer’s perspective, it is very difficult to buy currently, as competition is one of the main driving factors.  However, if Buyers can secure a property now, they are seeing capital gains straight away, and there are no signs on the horizon of the property market cooling. For a deeper dive into the local and national markets, Ray White provides the best analytics and commentary in the industry, through the portal Ray White Now.  This is the best way to keep your finger on the pulse of the property market.

Ray White Now November 2021 Report

Ray White Now November 2021 Video

Q2. Why do similar properties sell with such different sale prices?

There are so many reasons that this could be the case, but in the current market it is normally down to how the property is marketed and presented.  It is true anyone could sell a property in the current market, but getting an absolute premium, which could be up to 20% more than you were expecting, can be achieved by utilising a skilled agent who uses a method of sale that can create competition amongst the buyers.  Typically, homes that sell for a lot less than others are not properly exposed to the open market.

Q3. Why are so many homes selling ‘Off Market?’

You should really think twice about calling someone who puts an ‘Off Market’ offer into your letterbox.  The current market is being driven by competition.  Basically, if 1 buyer is prepared to pay a certain price for a property, who is to say somebody else wouldn’t as well.  If this is the case, and it always is, then who will pay the most if they are put into competition with each other? Then multiply this with the 10-15 bidders that we are commonly seeing on properties in this area, and you can see why it is so important to create competition.

Q4. Does the buyer looking for a property just like mine really exist?

Yes they do exist!  But there is not just one, there are many of them. Saying they have the ‘perfect buyer’ is a canvassing tactic used by real estate agents to find properties to sell.  The rest of your neighbours probably have the same note in their letter box too. Refer to question 3 above. 

Q5. What is my home worth now?

Most of our clients cannot believe how much their property has increased in value in just the last 6 months alone.  Click this link to Book Appraisaland I will have one of my experienced agents get in touch with you for a Free appraisal.

What’s the catch?There isn’t one! Ray White Alderley would just like to be your go-to Agent when you do decide to sell one day.  You can choose how much contact or information you receive from us at all times. We know that we are not just property experts – our real expertise is in building and maintaining relationships with Sellers and Buyers, as well as Landlords and Tenants.  By providing quality information at all times, and through our experience and knowledge,  we hope to be the only call you need to make when you are about to embark on the next chapter of your life’s journey.

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