‘From little things, big things grow’

ByTasha Aloni

Why are Bees so important? In our urban jungles it is now more important than ever to assist in the plant reproduction around the world and Bee One Third have come up with the perfect inner city solution! 

Pollination is critical to our global food system, in 2012 Brisbane locals Jack Stone and friend Kat Skull set out to educate our city on the importance of bees and encourage urban pollinators, the honeybee, back into suburbia.

“Partnering with local business, Bee One Third places beehives in diversity-rich urban hubs, where bees are able to healthily survive within their natural environment.”

“SEQLD is the perfect place to keep bees. Our warm Summers & our short Winters mean that bees are able to forage through local gardens almost year round, without the traditional environmental break that is the cold Winter.”

The re-population of bees within our urban areas is vital not only for the future of our ecosystem but for the people who live in that ecosystem.

Go check out the Bee One Third partners here and taste their delicious honey at Subaru | City & Toowong, Roma Street Parklands and Emporium Hotels!

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